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RedBullnads 1 year ago
Good thing he pulled out b4 coming, to not ger her preggo. Oh wait..!
Jack meoff 1 year ago
It is apparent none of you have a wife; you all just like to be offended. Prego bitches get horny...
1 year ago
That's seriously methed up that she's doing this
Small Tits Guy 4 months ago
Personalty, I really enjoy fucking pregnant women. They come easily as they are aroused half the time anyway. I like their swollen, milk filled tits and huge stretched bellies. They give off a heat it seems. I've seen this woman in other scenes when she wasn't knocked up and she has spectacular tits. Nice ass too. So boys, if a pregnant woman shows an interest, fuck her, don't pull out cum inside her, that is what she wants. Get a few rides in before delivery day, and then don't hang around.
Horney 2 months ago
I want to watch that bitch give birth in a field by herself with no pain meds I want to see her, squeeze it out of that pussy.
Hiiiiiiii! 3 months ago
Well, I'm never Googling " Most attractive Russian porn" They dont have allot to offer
Nars 1 year ago
Someone inside;what's going on??
1 year ago
Is this from the 70s?
2 months ago
I don't know why she keeps getting put in the ugly category. She is HOT. Wish I had a chance with her.
Patrick 2 months ago
Wished she was my wife working